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I live in Didcot, between Reading and Oxford in the UK with my partner. I work as a web developer, and am still tidying up a PhD at the University of Sussex helping to create an educational game. (My research described in reasonably plain English.)

I am a dark-haired, dark-eyed, skinny runt. I was born in November 1977, but nobody ever believes me. I have a MEng from Cambridge University in Aeronautical Engineering that I have never used in a paid job, a MSc from Sussex University in Human-Centred Computer Systems, and a truly great capacity for making a mess!  My name is Eleanor/Ellie Martin, and I can be contacted at eam31 (at) yahoo (d.o.t) com.

About the site. 

The site has a number of components, spanning (hopefully) most of my interests. There is a journal for my university/research-related posts. There is the blog which covers my spare time interests: gardening, knitting, cycling, sewing, running, geekery... And other general day-to-day stuff.

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Why Life on Mars?

I had it before the TV show, for what it's worth. My surname is Martin, so Martian has been a nickname for a long time. It followed from that really.