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Sometime later...

Well, the man came, and many hours later I have two new storage heaters and one relocated one. Marvelous. And I have a timer on my immersion heater, so that should save me some money and stop my hot water requirements completely killing the planet or something.

I know storage heaters are generally rubbish and a flawed principle, but I live in a small fen village with no gas supply, in a house with no space for an oil store, and no fireplace. So what can I do? At least I should be warm now...

And while I had the day off, a nice man came to tell me how much he thought my house was worth, and another one came to tell me he could do my coving. So that's a few things ticking along nicely. Not to mention the soup I made, and the stew that will last me the rest of the week, and no Tesco's ingredients anywhere! Oh, and I finally finished putting the bar tape GG got for me for Christmas on my mountain bike. Next step: fitting the new tyres...

Although I did take the batteries out of the doorbell, and they do need replacing, and Tescos is about the only convenient place I can think of for buying batteries.

Tonight is going to be a lazy night. Some knitting, and much sleeping. Wish me luck with that to do list!

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