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Me, and the weather, and the course I'm on!

I'm dull because I'm tired. Went out last night for a team meal with work. It was lots of fun, and I didn't get home too late, but today I'm struggling.

The weather is just dismal. Grey, lots of rain, nasty. Autumn is definitely here, chances are this sort of weather will prevail until... ohh... March. Hooray for the UK in the winter.

And the course I'm on. Actually, the subjects covered aren't too dull. To me, anyway. It's a software design and implementation course. But at the moment we're in a team exercise thing, which my team has completed already so we're hanging around. Trouble is everyone is sneaking off to check emails etc, so not really working at top speed. And I'm just as bad!

Better get back in there I guess...

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