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Earlier this year, in a place far, far away (about 125 miles), I planted some alpine strawberry seeds. I was very happy when they grew to look like this:

baby strawberries

Fortunately, they didn't stop growing. Eventually, they outgrew their humble beginnings in a plastic squash bottle. They got planted on, into a black plastic cauldron thing that my parents gave me, that was filled with snowdrop and daffodil bulbs. And there they have stayed all summer, joining me on the move south, producing many alpine strawberries that I have enjoyed munching on - although not yet enough for a bowl at a time.

Today, I finally got round to planting them out properly. I've dug up another strip of the front lawn, and popped them in. And the bulbs that were in the pot with them too.

big strawberry plants

I'm sorry it's not a better photo, but you get the idea. I'm hoping that they will continue to grow and self-seed in there, and that the bulbs will also grow up through and around them, and generally look lovely down that side of the path. Oh, and provide lots more strawberries too!

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