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Being a grown up

Being a grown up means not curling up into a small ball with fingers in ears going "la la lalala" when you are told that you have a gas leak and the gas supply will have to be turned off until you have an engineer come and find the leak and fix it. Which means no heating. As the temperature plummets for the first time this autumn. And having just got new double-glazing we really don't have the money to replace the boiler, which is what we suspect may need to happen.

Being a grown up means not taking a baseball bat to the car just because its exhaust has chosen just the same moment to fall apart and need replacing. Fortunately that isn't going to be quite as expensive as a new boiler. It's just the fantastic timing that hurts.

Being a grown up means that even though the shed roof leaks like a sieve and you really don't have the cash to get it fixed properly and you'd really much rather spend what money you do have on more wool or some spring bulbs or cds or something, you bite the bullet and try and get the thing fixed. Because bikes shouldn't really live in the kitchen. Even if it is easy and convenient.

Being a grown up is not really much fun, is it?

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