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Ick... Winter.

Today is the kind of day that I really hate about an English winter. It's cold (high supposed to be about 2 degrees) but not frosty, grey and overcast but not raining/snowing, and very still. Actually, I don't mind it being very still, it would be good cycling, but I have a cricket net this evening and cycling 30 miles or so with cricket kit on my back is less that appealing. Fortunately it's supposed to be more of the same tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure GG is driving up in the evening, so I can cycle tomorrow. I've got more clothes with me today for my lunchtime run, so hopefully that will be better!

Managed to get to my parents' to pick Rusty (my Raliegh Record, leave-at-work bike) up after the weekend. Also got some more wine glasses from their store, a baking tin, and a muffin tin and cases. Mum and Dad are on diets, so Mum won't be baking any muffins for a while I don't think. I might have a look for a tin of my own while I'm in the States in March, so I can give this one back. I'm getting into my baking, because if I do run at lunchtime I need something to eat around half an hour before, and then eat my lunch afterwards. Also if I cycle I need something when I get in, and possibly something else before I go home again. If I were to buy flapjack it'd cost me a small fortune (and I'd get very bored of flapjack), so I'm building up a selection of different snack food. I also eat bananas, nuts and raisins, satsumas or apples, but I get hungry dammit!

I do wonder occasionally if I get tired because I'm not eating enough for the exercise I do. Hmmm... Maybe I could use a category on here after all, for a food diary.

Tonight (as I said earlier) I have a cricket practice from 7-8 in Cambridge. Won't get home from that until about 9, when I'll need some food, so limited to do list tonight:

  • Finish left front of Otis
  • Wash towels

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