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Busy weekend!

Well, I made it down to see GG. Glad I wasn't driving. I spent most of the train trip asleep! Which meant that the sleeve didn't get as much work on it as I was hoping. (I was also beginning to believe I'd got the shape of it wrong, and it was going to need more wool than I wanted. But more on that in a mo!)

Saturday afternoon we were going to look at the house we've offered on near Brighton. I hadn't seen it yet! Naturally, it was tipping down, which does put a bit of a dampener on seeing houses, because a big thing for me is having lots of light, and when the weather's that bad it's very hard to judge. But I think it will do very nicely. The rooms are a good size, and it was easy to imagine living there. Just got to sell mine now!

Then we had about 6 hours to kill before going on to a birthday party the other side of Brighton. It just didn't make sense to go back to GG's house, so we went for lunch at the Marina, a bit of a wander round, sat and flaked for a bit in the car in front of Rodean, then went and parked in Brighton and did a little, tinsy bit of shopping before getting tea (well, hot chocolate and a chai tea latte) in Borders. Yummy. I really enjoyed it, but it'll be better when we live a bit nearer.

The party was good too - although I still don't sing in public. Kareoke isn't my cup of tea.

Sunday the weather was foul. GG managed an 80 minute run, with me cycling next to her. Best one yet I think! Much better than the last one we did. Just a bit of a shame that my lungs have been hit by this cold thing again, so I couldn't join her other than on the bike. If I'm not careful, it's going to be really really hard to complete the half marathon we're doing in April. But there's no point pushing it, I've been ill enough this winter already! As it was I got a bit cold. Waterproof gloves would have helped.

I was extremely tired yesterday. Really. Got some simple house-keeping things done, and a bit more knitting. I managed to work out that I hadn't got the shaping wrong on the sleeves I was knitting, and each one is taking just one ball of wool. Which is good, because that leaves me 2.5 for the yoke, which should be more than enough. It's good to have a safety margin!

Tonight I need to hoover. Maybe do some dusting... Gosh, a really exciting night in!

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