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Gloomy Sunday

I don't like Sunday evenings. Really. At the moment, anyway.

So I thought I'd put some knitting related photos up from my Florida trip. I was really pleased, because knitting needles were taken off the list of dangerous items from the UK only about a month before the trip, so I'd lined me up my knitpicks shimmer scarf that I started just before I went for the 8 hour flight.

Apparently Harry Potter is very good to distract one whilst knitting lace. Even a very simple pattern. Who knew? Anyway, after 8 hours and 2 very envious women ("I'd have brought mine if I'd known!") and some taking it easy to protect my slightly sore hands, this is the bucket of boiled ass I came up with.


The second needle is included for scale! Not that long, really. Here's a close up of the stitch.


It's pretty nice, and dead easy. Unless distracted! I think it'll look really good when it's blocked. Unfortunately, I'm still only about half way through the knitting. It's my travelling project, and I've not been on the trains too much recently... It'll get there!

The main reason it didn't get too much knitting while I was away is this:


Yes, a Knit picks haul. This is the wool for my fleece-lined jumper challenge. That on the bottom left there is where I'd got to so far. There may also be a little bit of sock wool in there, and I may have also put in a second order for some extra stuff, but I couldn't possibly comment... Apart from saying my wool storage may not be large enough, and I should get on with knitting it as fast as possible.

Actually, I am trying. At the moment I've got the front and back done, so just the sleeves to do before I can start thinking about the lining. I've found some good navy fleece for the lining, so hopefully that'll be fine. It is something of a departure though - I'm learning that fleece stretches more in one direction than the other, and has one side smooth and one side fluffy, and I'll need to make decisions about which way around and make sure I cut correctly. I think it's a definite case of measure 4 times, cut once! Then I just have to get to grips with my mum's sewing machine...

I'll leave you with our pudding.


And what was left of it...


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