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Ok, I've been bad. I bought a new bike light. A very expensive bike light. I'm not supposed to be doing that, because I'm supposed to be saving all my money for the new house (please buy mine! It's very nice!). And I'd done a deal with GG that I could only have them if I cycled 150 miles by the end of the month.

But I did some calculating, and remembered that some work needs doing on the car, and I decided that it would be better to pay for the lights this month and the car work next month. See? And I'm already 50 miles into that 150... And feeling pretty good... And it's been windier than I'd normally cycle in and I've positively enjoyed it. Well, ok. That might be stretching it a little, but still. And these lights will be really easy to move between all four of my bikes, as and when I want to, rather than my cateye set which need a screwdriver and swearing.

Obviously it's even more important that I do the mileage now... But I suspect I'm not going to get my 30 minute run in. Still, 2 hours cycling per day ought to balance that...

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