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I had a request to blog from my Gorgeous Girlfriend, who's had a really crap day. Apparently she reads this to find out what I'm thinking about, and to have a bit of a giggle.

I still think she could just ask me!

Anyway, so I had all sorts of photos to take. One of my car key, frozen in a large lump of ice, to show that yes, I am strange enough to do that. Of course, the really silly thing is that the spare key is lying unfrozen in the bowl full of keys, but that's not the point. Tomorrow is going to be a big test of the frozen key thing I think. The weather forecast is Not Good.

And I was going to take a picture of my Mum's rather old Jones sewing machine that I've borrowed to join the fleece lining to GG's Wool of the Andes jumper. It's so close to being finished now. I've fitted the zip, all I need to do is run som stitching around the bottom and the sleeves. Unfortunately, the sewing machine isn't actually speeding me up. I think I'm using the wrong type of needle for stretchy fleece, and it keeps not piercing and missing a stitch. So I'm cranking the thing by hand, so I can make sure of every stitch. I really should just go back to the shop and ask them again, probably with a sample of the fleece this time, but I'm too stubborn. I'm hoping she'll wear it to pieces, so I can try again in a few years time.

And then there was the picture of my cycling boots. All damp from the trip home earlier. I knew I should have put my mudguards back on the Trek this morning. Ho hum! I've cycled for 8 consecutive work days now, saving something like £24, which pays for the new cricket shirt I've just bought. Woohoo!

But my batteries died. And I haven't got any spare at the moment, and by the time they've finished charging I plan to be asleep. So there are no photos... But hopefully it's the thoughts that count!

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