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Excuse the delay

I now have the photos that last night's post needed! Hooray!

First up, the key in the ice...

Key on ice

Sorry it's large. I got all artistic or something. This was an attempt to not use my car this week. It failed today, when threatened with gale force winds. I feel like such a wimp...

Now the boots, I think.

wet boots

This was taken this morning, remember, so these had 13 hours of drying out... I got rained on. Those are spd compatible boots, usually used in winter. Nicely waterproof, but water tends to soak in via my socks if I don't take precautions. I hadn't taken precautions...

And finally, the sewing machine.


I think that's pretty cool and retro. My mum got it as a present for passing her O-Levels. Which dates it to the mid 60s I think. Like I said, it didn't work brilliantly, but I believe that was me not getting the right needle for the job rather than the machine...

I have finished that jumper now. More or less. Hooray! GG's birthday present, only, ummm, 1.75 months late! Pictures and full spec (such as it is) when I can persuade GG to model it...

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