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GGs fleece-lined birthday jumper

Although I didn't manage to persuade her to pose for a photo, and now she's gone home, merrily wearing it. At least it's appreciated! I'll have to repost this picture instead:

GG Lined

This was a pretty basic modified drop sleeve jumper, with a zip neck. Knitted in Knitpicks' Wool of the Andes in Winter Night, Hyacinth and Cloud. It was knit at 5 stitches per inch, and to about 40 inch around the chest. Depth to armpit was about 14.5 inches I think, and about 10, 11 inches from armpit to shoulder. Sleeves were about 18.5 inches long.

The fleece liner was a stretchy fleece offcut I found in a shop in the Laines in Brighton, just after my job interview. A lucky find, and there seems to be enough left for mine too! Woohoo! It was cut to shape from the blocked pieces, which are shown pinned out on it above. Fleece doesn't seem to fray particularly, so it was stitched to size, then the hems cut right down. I may live to regret that, I'll wait and see. Then the liner was sewn to the wool jumper at the shoulders, around the collar, down the zip (using zigzag stitch), and around the ribbing at the base and the cuffs. We'll see how well that stands up to being worn.

At 5'1", GG is not tall. She wanted to buy a £50 man's jumper, so you can imagine what that would have looked like! This fits her for length, and is a comfortable width on her, even with the liner. It should be a lovely warm top, and I'm wishing I had one too! Fortunately I have the wool... But I need the time... Oh, and to finish a couple of other things that are sooooo close...

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