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Once upon a time there was a large amount of Debbie Bliss Maya, in a glorious rich red colour, sitting in my stash. Then, sometime later, I decided I needed to make it into a nice, v-neck jumper. So I started. It developed a nice 4 strand cable up the front, and proceeded quite quickly for a time. Then life got in the way for a while. Did the v-neck. Didn't like it, so frogged it and redid. Eventually I finished it, and tried it on! Didn't like the collar. Un-finished it. More life got in the way. Got around to redoing the collar. And finally...

I finished it properly! Woohoo!

Unfortunately, it was stubbonly refusing to be photographed last night. The flash was making the colour look awful, and the detail of the cable wasn't showing up at all. I'll try again later.

The other exciting thing that happened last night was that the person buying my house came round again to measure some stuff. And she wants to move on June 9th! That's only 2.5 weeks! I mean, I said great, but that's a lot to sort in just 2.5 weeks. I don't think the solicitors will go for it, personally. I just don't think that the onward chain will work, and it'll be quite a lot of faff to move out without having anywhere to move into! But I guess we can aim for it, and see how close we can get.

Today, the car is back in the garage. Waaaay back in January they pointed out it needed something doing to its brakes, so I've finally got around to doing it. Let's hope that's it on the car front for a while!

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