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Lots of nothing

I'm not quite sure where to start... There's been nothing particularly big going on, d'you see? Just lots of little things that I might quite like to chat about, but which noone would notice if I didn't mention.

It's nearly June, and the weather is still awful. We managed to get an entire game of cricket in on Sunday, so that was a bit of a surprise. I went in at number 2, somewhat to my surprise, and got a duck. Which honestly didn't surprise me much at all. Then Monday (it being a bank holiday), we tried for another game. I went in at number 2 again, and got another duck. Not a great weekend, for me, cricket-wise. I could really do with getting some practice in, but I can't get to Croydon and back on a Thursday night particularly easily. Or be in a fit state when I get there to actually practice. Never mind, there's always next weekend.

As it happened, the heavens opened after we had finished batting, and the game was called off halfway through. So that's three league matches that Redoubtables 1s have had rained off. That's pretty unusual. This May has been dreadful.

Got home around 9.00 last night, and I can proudly say I now have some baby tarragon plants. They've been coming up for a while, but I didn't want them to decide to die so I've been ignoring them. I think a couple of them are now past the worst danger stage, so that's good. I could end up with quite a lot though, and I'm not quite sure what to do with the others! Mum doesn't like tarragon apparently... I also have some alpine strawberries coming up. I seeded them in a home-made propagator, made out of a largish plastic squash bottle cut in half lengthwise, and there are quite a few just poking their leaves through the soil now. So that'll be good! Hopefully they will be large enough to survive moving (whenever that happens) easily...

I like watching things grow from seed. It's really cool the way you put these tiny little seeds in soil, and the next thing you know small plants are unfurling themselves! The only problem is that I tend to end up with more plants than I need. I haven't quite got to grips with thinning them out yet. It always seems a bit mean. They've tried so hard to get going, and then I come along and kill them, just because I've grown too many! So, if anyone wants some tarragon or strawberries, let me know...

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