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I've finally got around to recharging the batteries in my camera again, so I can show some photos!

With the nicer weather, the garden (such as my garden is - what with moving, I've not got any tomatos this year!) is producing colour. I've got a couple of geraniums, both cranesbill I think.

Two geranium flowers, 1 blue 1 pink.

I know the blue one is a Johnson's Blue, because I bought that last year. I wanted it for a pot that was sitting in front of my house, and when I came to plant it I discovered the other geranium in it. I decided that wasn't doing too well there, so moved it into my tiny strip of soil out back. No idea what the flowers would look like, so that was a really nice surprise! I love the veins on it.

To be fair, the Johnson's Blue didn't do too well either. I finally caved in and let it have light, which is working out pretty well. And there's a little of the pink one still in the tub I think, so I'll get to take both with me when I move.

Then there was a mystery pansy. Every year, my Mum gets me a hanging basket for my birthday in November. It has yellow pansies, and blue pansies, and yellow violas normally. It's bright and cheerful all winter, although I do normally lose it when it starts needing watering more than once a week! This pansy was a self-seeded offspring from that basket.


There seems to have been some cross-pollination going on! Pretty though. It's still going strong, although this year's hanging basket is now dead...

On the knitting front, well yes, there has been some. I know, I've been keeping it quiet. But I started on Rosedale, and now have both sleeves done and have started on the body.


Why no, it doesn't look much like the one in the pattern. I don't have any Kureyon. I do have lots of Charisma cashmere lambswool, 80% recycled fibre, aran weight. And I have enough of the knitpicks Andean Silk left over from Otis to do the contrast in that. This is going to be a warm and practical jacket, for work and pleasure. Although it looks grey, there are actually flecks of colour throughout the grey, from the recycling I guess.

Wool closeup

Nice huh? Well, I like it and that's all that matters. Although the corrugated ribbing was a right pain to do. Even doing two-handed colour-work type stuff.

Haven't driven to work yet in June. Good mileage happening here!

And the house-move saga is grinding slowly on. Grrr at slow-moving solicitors...

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