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Why can't this house stuff just be simple?!

The woman buying my house is desperate to exchange contracts. Fine. I have no problem with that. Her solicitors have been coming up with nitpicky little problems, not mine. The latest was going to cost me £200.

In her haste to get contracts exchange (she needs to, to get her son into the local school) she's now agreed to pay that. Fine. I have no problems with that either. So tell the solicitor, all goes well, exchange tomorrow, everyone happy.

You'd think. Except my solicitor is on holiday, and the person who's looking after my stuff while she's away is with a client. So I can't get the news to her, and that's going to mean more hassle for me from the buyer.

In the meantime, I have no idea what's happening on the place that I'm buying. Last I heard (2 days ago) my solicitor (well, the standin, anyway) had received some information we'd been waiting for. Great. What does it say?

All of this is not helped by the fact that the village post arrives after I've left for work, so I'm permanently left thinking there will probably be something waiting for me when I get home.

Still, I've resigned now. So this all has to work eventually...

[Update] Still having issues. This morning I managed to speak to our solicitor, and explain that we want to exchange. I've provisionally booked a removal van, even. Then my solicitor got back to me and said that the other solicitors won't exchange today until they have a signed piece of paper from me and some search that they haven't mentioned before. That will take 2 days. A search that checks there are no ancient rights of way across our shared tiny and hemmed in by houses carpark. No, seriously.

Why does common sense have seemingly no part to play in law?

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