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The ongoing saga

Ok. I've just been into town and sorted out the signed statutory declaration that I have had no problems accessing the carpark with my car. Very odd. Had to pick it up from my solicitor, who had to make sure it was acceptable to the buyer's solicitor, and then take it to a third solicitor to solumnly declare and all that in front of him that it was true and my name and writing, and then drop it back to my solicitor. All for £7 to the third solicitor.

Yay for Rusty, my office bike. Getting into and around town is so much easier by bike. I also treated myself to a coffee.

Anyway, now all we have to do is wait for confirmation of the exchange (hopefully Monday) and all will be well.

Our solicitor's office is… Ummm… Sparse. An enormous desk (inlayed with red leather), no computer, walls lined with bookshelves filled with leather-bound books of law reports and statutes. It smelt and sounded (the pedestrianised street below, shop signs swinging in the wind) like my old college rooms on Market Square. They are probably of a similar age, at a guess.

I've got to get some work done. I've got this deadline coming up, and at the moment it's not working. Maybe now I can concentrate for a bit. Maybe...

[Update] No, no, that was too much to hope for. Now the other side, the person I'm buying from, is hassling for news... Still, I guess that's a good thing...

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