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No whinging about solicitors today. I promise.

I finished my knitpicks turqouise scarf! Woohoo!

Lace scarf

And look! It was sunny. Not now, but there you are. It was knit using some knitpicks stuff... I'll find the exact name in a mo. And it's the little leaf scarf, just one repeat thinner. I have no idea if it's longer or not, I didn't count how many times I did the 4-row repeat! I do like the colour.

And as well as that, I have many baby strawberry plants growing.

Baby Strawberry Plants

They are alpine strawberries, and yes, that is a plastic bottle they are growing in. They are getting to the stage that i need to pot them up... I grew them from seed, and I'm pretty chuffed with the number that emerged. We'll have to see how many survive replanting...

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