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Counting down...

I really must get the photos off my camera. Trouble is, it's been so hot that all I've really wanted to do when I get home is sit in the garden with a beer! Definitely not staring at another computer screen, anyway.

Anyway, where are we now?

We finally exchanged contracts on the house we're buying (after some kerfuffle with CHAPS systems not working and late transfers and inept communications - just for a change) on Monday. Woohoo! We're taking a week between exchange and completion, so we get the keys to OUR house (not mine, our!) next Monday.

This is convenient (even if I would really have preferred this Friday) because it means I get to go to a big BBQ in Cambridge this Saturday, and I finish my current job on Friday. So I guess finishing work, packing the car and heading straight to Brighton would have been a bit of a drag. GG is playing cricket on Saturday (well practicing), we've both got a match on Sunday, pick up the keys Monday (woohoo! GG has the afternoon off), then Monday night GG goes away until Thursday night. It's County Champs. This is going to be the first time in... oh... 6 years I think that I'm not going to watch. I'll be staying at home (in the new house! Woohoo!) decorating. And sleeping on an airbed, because my furniture isn't arriving for a bit.

We have the tester pots... We have Monday afternoon to decide the colour scheme. No worries! All systems are good to go!

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