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Time flies supersonically...

How on earth did it get to be three weeks since my last entry?

Ok, technically I do know how that works. And parts of the three weeks have dragged. But really, I've had no time!

Lessee... I've successfully attended and completed a three day project management course. I've successfully attended and am waiting on confirmation of successful completion of a three day business analysis course. I've worked on a case study (for three days... A theme?), and in between all these three day blocks sat in many power point presentations.

It's been knackering!

I have also been cycling bit, but the big huge gigantic mountain at the end of the road (ok, it's a hill, but remember I come from the fens) is still definitely kicking my arse. I think it's about 4-1 at the moment. Meaning that I have got up it without walking once. I will win. It just doesn't know that yet...

Ummm... I've also dug up some more of the front garden, upset my worms to use the compost they've been creating, and planted up some more stuff. Photo eventually. And we have a lovely new front door, that feels like it'll take rather more than a good shoulder barge to open it.

Tonight I have to eat something (I've been finally catching up on reading blogs... Again, where did that hour go?) and cook a chocolate refrigerator cake for a cricket event tomorrow. Oh, and sleep. Definitely sleep...

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