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Carpeting over

The floorboards!!

We did try to carpet the spare room/office last night. We cleared the old carpet and underlay (which was disintegrating to green powder in places - yuck!), screwed down a loose floorboard, put in gripper rods, placed a layer of newspaper down (on my dad's advice) and got the underlay down.

I have photos, but the computer is in several pieces and the cable is in a box.

We got the carpet into the room. The 8'2"x13' of carpet into the 7'x9' room. Yes. We even (with the help of a rolling pin) smoothed the carpet out quite nicely. And I now understand the point of those knee kicker things, which we do not have. The rolling pin became multi-functional. We started cutting to size, when abruptly it all got too much for both of us, and you really don't want to do delicate cutting stuff when it's all got too much. So we went to bed.

Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, we have a rather large set of Ikea shelves that normally live in the study/office/spare room. We'd emptied the room, but these had ended up blocking the path to our bedroom. The alternative was blocking the path to the bathroom. Tricky. So going to bed involved totally rejigging the large heap of furniture on the landing into a formation that allowed access to both. Fortunately GG is absolutely brilliant at that sort of spacial organisation! (Seriously, you should see her pack a car boot...) 

Tonight we should get it finished, and then there will be photos. Yes. We remained talking throughout (although there were a couple of rocky patches, particularly as it all got too much). Impulse buys. Who knew the trouble they cause?!

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