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Expensive not impulsive

Where to start with the last few days? Probably the weekend.

We had a bit of a party on Saturday. A much-belated house warming. We got the house all tidy for 2, and people started arriving about 3. Interesting that the friends with babies showed up first. Apparently a late night out for them is about... oh... 7. Still. A good number showed up, although I was a smidge upset that a few people who told me they were coming didn't. It didn't stop me enjoying the party though! Neither did the rugby result.  My brother brought some very nice (and slightly stinky) cheese, we got some silly presents, and drank and ate loads. Some people stayed over (4, in 3 rooms, actually it worked pretty well!), and next morning we had a leisurely start with tea, followed by a fry-up and more tea and coffee, and everyone getting showers and helping with the washing up. Marvellous!

We went into town and waved my brother off on the train-replacement bus, then had a wander around Brighton with a couple of friends. I spent a while eyeing up the Brompton in the window at Evans, and decided to have a test ride. Fortunately it was only 2 gears, so I wasn't too tempted to buy it! Unfortunately around that point my energy ran out and it all got a bit much. Still, returned the bike to the shop, went home and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening snoozing in front of the snooker. Perfect.

Since then I seem to have been on a spend-fest! I decided the Brompton felt good, but wanted the 6 gear version. And one came up on Ebay! Bonus. So I won that auction and saved myself around £250. Hopefully it'll arrive in the next couple of days and I'll supply full photos and review and stuff, but it's supposed to be a S6L-Plus in black. I'm really excited!

Then we found the coat I wanted was reduced on wiggle, and  I got that too. Saved around £30 on that I think. I've since got an email saying it'll take until mid-November to be delivered, but that's ok.

And today I've carried on and bought all the apple trees and currant bushes I wanted! I've got three trees coming. One Fiesta, one Newton Wonder, and one Scrumptious. Hopefully they will give us eating and cooking apples from September on through to the end of March. Two will go out front at the top of the slope, and one will be espaliered in the back. And I bought one each of a white versailles whitecurrant bush, a baldwin blackcurrant bush, and a redstart redcurrant bush. So we should have loads of fruit eventually! I know I've been buying quite a lot of plants recently, but it's a good time of year to get the fruit trees in, and I've asked for money for my birthday to pay for lots of this. I've put a fair amount of thought into where it all fits and what would be most useful, so I'm about as confident as I can be that this will all work in the grand plan.

So yeah. Sounds like I've had a major blowout. But all of the things I've bought are things I've been weighing up for ages. Plotting, deciding if I really want them. It all adds to the pleasure of finally buying them I think. And now I have a wait for the trees (they are all bare-root and should arrive somewhere between mid-November and mid-March) and everything, so when they arrive it'll be fresh excitement. Hopefully (with some tlc) they will last a very long time too, so it's all an investment. Definitely. And if that sounds like a justification, maybe that's still better than random splurging!  

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Had a really great time -I'll admit unusual for me to be surrounded by women and disappointed not to win more over with the glorious-smelling cheese but definitely enjoyed the whole evening! Any time you need something a bit whiffy then I'm sure I'm the martin family member for it....

Just make sure the fruit trees survive! Enjoy the 7th itself and I'll see you and Sarah/Clarkie soon xx

October 27, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJay

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