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And for my next trick

I know, I promised photos from the carpet laying when we found the cable again. I did find the cable, and am still processing the photos a little.

However, I have moved on. Apparently my next trick is making curtains! We've been meaning to replace the curtains in the living room for ages. They aren't totally offensive, but pink and purple flowers on a cream background isn't really our taste. We went shopping for fabric after work a couple of weeks ago and spent a while looking through large rolls of fabric that was either a) hideous or b) way out of our price range.

Eventually, in the remnants pile, I found this:

curtain material

It is inspired by Charles Rennie Macintosh, and matches the cream upper half of our living room. It was pretty dark by the time I took the photos last night, so you'll have to excuse the colours. It was plain enough to suit the look we like, but with just enough interest. Perfect!  

Fortunately, I also found the roll of it on the shelves. We didn't buy all the fabric we needed there and then though, because as it happens GG's mum works in a different branch of the same fabric shop and gets a discount. We did buy the remnant though, to show her and to make one of the three sets of curtains we need (it was 50% off - no staff discount will match that!).

We decided on tab top, because the width of the fabric will give us very (what's the opposite of full? Unfull?) flat curtains. I've never made tab top curtains before, but really, how hard can it be?! Especially with an internet full of instructions at my mercy...

Last night I tried. I (carefully) cut the fabric in half and about 3" too long. I cut a long strip of about 5", to go at the top. And 10 bits of 10"x5" fabric to form the tabs. I sewed up the tabs, turned them right way out, and ironed 5 of them. Hemmed the two long sides of the main curtain bit. Then put the thin strip and the curtain together (right sides facing) and spaced the tabs inside that, with about 3" for the pole to go through. Stitched all that together, turned it right way out, ironed it again, and put another line of stitching across the top to give extra strength. The end result?


Not bad I reckon. Only 5 more (plus the bottom hem) to go...  

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