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New stuff!

It's no good. New stuff makes me happy.

Today I am wearing a new pair of cords from Howies. The tomboy cords, in olive. They cost a lot of money, but I'm hoping they will last a correspondingly long time. I have a pair of Gap cords that I have worn for a few years now, but the lack of pockets bugs me. So now I have these instead. I want to treat them like jeans - wear them for everything, non-stop, wash them lots and generally abuse them, and have them last for years. Here's hoping!

And I got my new Brompton. Photos coming soon, when I'm home in the light and have my camera handy. It's lovely. The previous owner has changed the grips and added cute little bar ends, which make it really comfy. I am going to have to change the saddle out, and the gears don't go low enough for me to get up the hills on it at the moment, but I saved about £270 by buying second-hand, so I think I can afford to change a couple of things. I'll leave the gears for now - I may eventually be ok, you never know!  

The surprise thing about the package that I'm really enamoured with is the Brompton bike luggage that came with it! The S-Bag. First I thought it looked too small to possibly be useful. But I'm finding it's really deceptive. It takes my laptop and all the rest of my day-to-day stuff comfortably. My knitting sits happily in one of the many external pockets and is dead easy to access on the train. The ease with which it clips in and out is fantastic, and actually with a shoulder strap it's pretty well balanced even with the metal rack that looks like it'll be really awkward. Well designed and thought out. Quite like the bike, really.

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