Folding fun
Thursday, November 1, 2007 at 10:14
martian77 in bikes

I've got one of those days where I'm a bit all over the place today. It's one of my uni days, but because I only have lectures in the afternoon I have to be in the office in the morning. Fortunately we have offices on campus! Then straight after my seminar I have to head into town to meet someone, then I should head back to campus to work on some coursework. Perfect day to test out the usefulness of the Brompton I think!

So I headed in with GG this morning, then pulled the bike out of the boot and cycled across to the offices. The bike parking at the office is not great. It's under cover, but the brackets are a little difficult to lock a bike to properly. Not the Brompton. Fold its back wheel in and I can put a lock right through the frame and the bracket. Perfect!  

Locked Brompton

I'm carrying quite a lot of stuff today too. Here you can see the S-Bag on the front of the bike. Again, I'm impressed with the system. That bag's quite heavy, but because it's attached to the frame rather than the handlebars the steering was fine.

Locked Brompton

And all of this stuff was in that bag! (Apart from the telephone, clearly...) Stuff I carry

That is my laptop and plug, the papers I need for today's seminar, my notebook, a phidgets set, some coffee, a small set of speakers, my drybag with wallet, glasses, work notepad, moleskine etc in, knitting, hat, bike light and battery charger. Not bad going. It wasn't even all that tightly packed!

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