Let the drilling commence
Friday, November 2, 2007 at 10:11
martian77 in House

First up, I managed to use the Brompton to get into town from the Uni (in just under 20 minutes - that's not bad), and later get the bus home. It was an unfortunate day where I seemed to spend most of it getting all tangled up in doing things in the wrong order and too hastily, but that happens occasionally.

Today we are getting our cavity walls insulated. Hooray! We are getting it done under the Affordable Energy scheme, which means even though we don't qualify for any benefits we still get a big discount on it. Splendid. I am impressed that Quake Energy have turned up pretty much bang on time, and they have started straight in drilling the holes and squirting the foam in. 

Yes, it's a bit noisy at the moment. But I'm focussing on the long term benefits...  

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