One handed
Friday, October 10, 2008 at 11:06
martian77 in General

Yesterday I had a day off to (in theory) look after my gorgeous girlfriend after she had a minor operation to remove a mouldy bit on her hand.

mouldy hand

Excuse the poor photo. For some reason she didn't really want to pose for a proper shot!

Trouble is, my gorgeous girlfriend is not very good at just sitting still. So the op was scheduled for 9.30, and she sent me off to B&Q with a list of stuff to get. Then she'd arranged for a food delivery in the afternoon, and the new fridge/freezer to arrive. While the anaesthetic wore off slowly, she helped me move the current little fridge, do the laundry, cook lunch and so on. Then she headed off to the course she's doing in the evening.

Halfway through the evening session I got a text saying "I should have taken the drugs..." - the anaesthetic finally wore off. By the time I picked her up at 9 she was looking a lot more sorry for herself. Poor thing. So I took her home and made her a cup of tea. Trouble is, I keep asking if she wants a hand with things. I'm not good at sensitive!

The new fridge/freezer was bought to replace our in-built fridge and freezer, which look really neat but are a bugger to use, and have recently been beeping at us and generally not behaving well. We ordered a load of freezer stuff to be delivered yesterday, put it in the old freezer overnight while the new one got down to temperature, and unfortunately the freezer appears to have given up the ghost overnight so everything is defrosted. D'oh! Nearly perfect timing. Eventually we'll replace the current units with cupboards, which will seriously help our space issues in the kitchen. But we'll be putting that on a back burner for a while - it's hard enough keeping GG lying down without bits of diy hanging around waiting for her!

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