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Quiet weekend

This weekend was the first in a while that we've been at home and noone's come to visit. A quiet weekend.

Of course, that means that all those jobs that we've not been doing for the last umph weekends now queue up to be done. So I'm going to be positive and start by listing the things that I have got done:

  • Changed two light switches. 
  • A small mountain of laundry. We have no dryer, so drying space is the limiting factor on the amount of washing we can do. This weekend has been lovely, so drying outside has allowed more washing than normal to happen.
  • Put away lots of other washing.
  • Tidied up the potato quarter of the veg patch and positioned two paving slabs for next year.
  • Put the water feature away for the winter, and replanted the barrel it sits on.
  • Cleared the tomatoes and courgette from that quarter of the veg patch. 
  • Killed a lot of slugs and snails that have spent the summer munching on my tomatoes and courgettes. (A bowl of salty water works really well.)
  • Started to clear out the beans.
  • Sown two types of sweet pea and some broad beans to overwinter. 4 of each. 
  • Planted 5 allium bulbs out front.
  • Nicked GG's camera to take a photo of a butterfly on my michaelmas daisy.
  • Finished the front of the black vest top I'm knitting for GG and started the back.
  • Played with my new Aspire One. Oh yes indeed.

I think that's about it. A couple of little bits I think, but that's the bulk. And my gorgeous girlfriend now has a flickr page, so I can start to post some of the photos from there. She takes much better photos than me, so that's all good.

Now, what haven't I done that I was hoping to get done?

  • Finished taking the beans down.
  • Taken the rubbish to the dump.
  • Tidied the concrete out back.
  • Unplugged and carried out the freezer.
  • Put a layer of compost on the veg beds. I want to start practicing a no-dig gardening policy out front, and that means I get to just put it on top and let the worms do the work. 
  • Put the row of bricks in between the veg patch and the strip of flower bed next to the path.
  • Tidied the concrete out front.
  • Planted the rest of the allium bulbs out back. 
  • Finished the back of the vest I'm knitting, and the ribbing and got it done.
  • Cleaned all the ash out of the stove into the compost bin.
  • Cleaned the bathroom.

I'm sure there was loads more I meant to get done as well as all that, but that'll do for now. So a lot done, but loads and loads still to do. Right now though I'm feeling like what I have done has rather overstretched my body's capacity, and I'll not be moving very much for the rest of the evening I think.

GG has been pretty good at not moving too much. She's a bit grouchy tonight because she had a huge long list of stuff to do too, and with only one hand got significantly less of it done than I did. Generally though she's coping pretty well, and it seems to be hurting a lot less now. Right now she's hoovering, which can mostly be done one-handed!

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Reader Comments (2)

You have an Aspire One. You Lucky Cow! did I miss that post? How are you finding it? Did you get the Linux or Windows version? Tell us more, as I'm thinking of getting one.

October 13, 2008 | Unregistered Commentercha0tic

You didn't miss a post, I haven't posted about it yet! I'll get right on that... Around lunchtime.

October 13, 2008 | Registered Commentermartian77

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