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FOTB08 - day 3

Sorry for the delay in posting this - it's just all go around here!

The third and final day of Flash on the Beach for me started with Keith Peters talking on "Advanced ActionScript Animation". It's a bit startling to rush into a talk late and be met with a slide saying "Numerical Integration" in big letters. I got a flashback to 6th form and A-Level maths! It was an interesting reminder and overview of Verlet Integration, apparently mostly based on "Advanced Character Physics" by Thomas Jakobsen, so I should really read that at some point. I've forwarded it on to my mum to use for teaching A-Level though!

After that I managed to get into the completely sold-out Seb Lee Delisle "Papervision3D Simplified" talk. What I like about Seb's talks (other than the cows) is that he starts with the simplest possible case, then just adds maybe a couple of lines at a time to do something a little more cool each time, and by the end of the talk he's got a really cool thing and has made it seem really straightforward. It's a skill. He's also quite funny.

I was feeling a bit dazed generally on the Wednesday, so after that I took a bit of a break and went down to the seafront to try and blow the cobwebs out. Didn't really work too well, but the view was good!

Came back in to watch lots of Rob Chui's videos in "Intentionally Left Blank". I'm not sure I learnt a lot, but some of them were good. Others weren't to my taste, but I guess that's 'art' innit? (I'm such a philistine at times... )

Then Mario Klingemann showed us some really awesome stuff with with Avery Peacock and processing images using the bitmap class. Real mindbending stuff with some clever tricks that would be worth remembering, but unfortunately I was still too dazed to write them down. I spent a lot of the talk going "wow" and "cool" and "neat trick", but that's about it.

Last but in no way least was Jonathan Harris. He retitled his talk and I didn't take any notes, but he appears to have really stirred up some strong reactions in the community by challenging us to 'find our message' and saying that he felt there were no masterpieces currently in the online world. I found his talk inspirational in many ways, and think it was good to end on a controversial, thought-provoking note, but many people seemed to dislike his tone, his projects etc. Apparently he has posted a defence, so I should go and read that soon.

Of course, then we went through the end of conference wrap-up. Now, don't get me wrong, I think John Davy does a fantastic job of organising the conference. It can't be easy sorting out that many people, for three different venues, getting the freebies in etc. But I do wish he would lay off the school boy humour when he's using the mic. It's not really great to take the mickey out of people's names in front of 500 people. It doesn't make you a funny person when you introduce your wife and tell us she's got a great arse. It wasn't just in the closing section either. Throughout the three days John Davy made inappropriate remarks when introducing most of the speakers, and it was just irritating.

To sum up: Awesome conference, learned loads. Hopefully back next year!

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