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It seems like over the course of my degree we hardly went anywhere on the weekends and had fewer visitors. Since handing in my dissertation it feels like we've either had visitors or been away practically every weekend!

I'm not entirely sure I've blogged all of them, but 3 weekends ago I had two of my best school friends stay for a girly night of drinking and gossiping. GG stayed sober, taxied us around, laughed at our hangovers and made tea, bacon muffins and got orange juice to ease the pain next day (because she is, after all, gorgeous). So that was a 3am night, with a very slow Sunday.

2 weekends ago my parents and brother came to stay. They all turned up after 5, so we went to Wakehurst Place during the day. I should post some of GG's photos. It was a gorgeous day, and a slow wander around some beautiful gardens was just right. The only drawback was hearing myself turn into my mother and saying things like "ooooh, look at that... We've got some of that in the front...". GG proved how gorgeous she is once more, and cooked a full roast dinner which everyone ate very happily. Then on Sunday we had a complete family lunch (Grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc) at a pub in Haywards Heath. We do this sort of thing annually when the various aunts and uncles come back over from Australia, where at least four currently live.

That weekend wasn't so late, but still pretty busy!

Then this weekend we had a birthday party to go to in Pershore in Worcestershire. It's about a 3.5 hour drive from us, but before we headed off we had time to do a little shopping at Middle Farm for cider for the birthday girl, and Wyevale for me! Then when we got back I replanted the planter that GG built earlier this year. (I owe the blog lots of photos. Soon I will oblige. Really.) By that time it was raining and windy, so staying outside long enough to do anything required some dedication, and I must admit it did cross our minds that perhaps a 3.5 hour drive would be less fun than staying home and sitting in front of the fire, but we did go. Another 3am finish on the night, and a strange bed meant a (sort of) early wake up. Well, more for GG than me.

We drove home quite slowly, via Bicester Outlet Village (or whatever it's now calling itself). That was nearly a total disaster - it was heaving. There was nowhere to park in any of the carparks. The shops were absolutely chocabloc, and we were rapidly getting increasingly tired. Fortunately we managed to park in the Tescos next door, find a bookshop with some stuff we wanted, and a simple roll, coffee and chocolate thing in Pret a Manger. Oh, and get milk in Tescos for tea when we got in, and enough petrol to get us the rest of the way home. So the stop was rescued.

I still seem to be feeling the aftereffects 2 days later though! I'm seriously tired. Haven't managed to cycle yet this week, and successfully missed my appointment to give blood yesterday. I have to cycle tomorrow though - I've booked my bike in for some TLC. There are a couple of things that are just beyond my skill to fix, so I'm going to admit defeat and let someone else have a go.

This weekend we have nothing planned. GG is having a minor op on her hand on Thursday, so I'm hoping she'll agree to spend large chunks of the weekend lying on the sofa watching sport, while I do some stuff in the garden and tidy things up a bit. Maybe next week I'll be feeling a bit more refreshed as a result!

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