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This is one of those posts where you realise that you've accidentally become a grown up.

We've just done something so exciting. We've changed the wall and ceiling lights in our living room.

Ceiling light

(I really struggled to find a shot of the old ones... Strange!) The old ones were... Well... Not to our taste. But because they were properly wired in rather than just a case of replacing the shade, we had to get an electrician in. And the wall lights had stopped working and we couldn't work out why. No, it wasn't just a bulb, or an obvious fuse. (Actually, it was an obvious fuse once you knew that was that particular wall box switched off, but there we are.)

Photos of the new ones will have to wait and add to the 'photos I owe' stack.

But the really really really exciting bit? While he was there, the electrician fixed our stairs light. So now it works properly and you can turn it on from either the top or the bottom - and this is the good bit - regardless of where you turned it off! Before it needed both switches to be on. I did think about running up and downstairs for a bit to play with it, just because I could. But then I decided that maybe I was just a little tired to get quite that excited. Maybe tonight. 

Next job is to replace the dimmer switch. Maybe move some of the switches. Maybe that can wait a bit.

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