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Is it Christmas yet?

I actually don't like Christmas very much. It seems to be too fraught with emotional stress and bound up in financial turmoil. I get distinctly bah humbug.

I do like the lights though. I must take photos of some of the houses around us. One of the advantages of living on the less fashionable side of town is the number of truly tacky lighting displays! The only problem for me is that the lights go away so early in January, leaving two months of dark and dismal to survive without them.

What I can't wait for is the time off work! Mornings have been getting more and more tough (and I don't even have to get up that early), evenings have been getting earlier and earlier. Chances of me going to anything after work right now are almost nil - can't wait to get home and collapse! I am seriously looking forward to a 2 week stretch of being mostly at home and just pottering. My batteries are in serious need of a recharge. I think this will be the first collapse holiday where I won't have to be thinking about homework. Yay!

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