Friday, December 19, 2008 at 11:01
martian77 in bikes, commute

Loaded up

There's a lot of groceries in them there panniers. I love having the option of doing this. It makes the hills harder (I had to walk up the Ovingdean road again. Not the second hill though - I'm getting stronger) but beats either one of us driving to the nasty big Asda. Although I need to work out how to carry beer. A quick trip down the road to pick up some fruit, more chestnuts and some beer should mean that we barely have to leave the house over Christmas if we choose not to.

Home time

I'm really pleased with the changes I've made to this bike this year. They have worked, and turned it into a very useful and versatile ride. I'm going to do some more work over Christmas - I need to add some mudflaps to the mudguards and give it a really good clean - but it's been great. I'm also really pleased with the boots I bought. They have successfully kept my feet warm and dry, clean up easily and look fine with normal clothes. Spot on!

Three years ago (to the day) this same bike looked like this at Christmas:

Muddy Trek 1

This year the mud is white from the chalk rather than fen black, but it's in much the same state. Good job I don't mind getting mucky!

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