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Christmas deficiency

The national blood service finally caught up with me again, so I went off to donate yesterday. Failed. Apparently still low on haemoglobin. Fab.

Looking up iron deficiency and anemia online, it looks like female athletes can suffer because they sweat out iron. I don't think my 6 mile cycle quite puts me in that league, but I guess if we don't get enough iron in our food the cycling might just tip me from being healthily iron-ed up into not-quite-enough? Looks like it may possibly explain the tiredness I've always associated with cycling too. Hmmm...

So. More meat, eggs, and leafy green stuff for me then! And less tea and coffee at mealtimes. We'll see how it goes. The good thing is that I do now get 3 month's relief from those guilt-inducing letters and phonecalls from the blood service!

My Christmas break has so far been a fabulous mix of sleeping and getting things done. Right now though, GG is nailing gripper rods to the floor just above me. Noisy, and indicative that my afternoon may feature laying carpet. Less keen on that. Still, be nice when it's done. (Yes, photos, promise!)

For now, a memory of late summer/early autumn.

Michaelas Daisy

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