Happy new year!
Wednesday, December 31, 2008 at 21:07

We are celebrating the end of the year in our own special way - quietly!

One of my Christmas presents was a pair of annual passes to Wakehurst Place, replacing the ones we had last year. Originally it was a treat just for me, because GG isn't so interested in the plants. But then she got a new whizzy camera, and now we both enjoy it!


It's a lot of fun looking at things to see if they will make a good photo, as well as looking just at the plants. In this case, we probably wouldn't have gone up to this magnolia particularly closely, but I'm glad we did. From a distance the buds looked on the verge of blooming. Up close we got to see the furry outer that is keeping them safe from all the frost we're getting at the moment. In fact, quite a lot of the water at Wakehurst was frozen.

Frozen lake

It was really cold. It felt it to us, anyway, and we were all bundled up (as seen in that first photo!). We had lunch in the great restaurant, wandered around for a bit, then when we stopped being able to feel our fingers and toes we headed back to the shop for a nice cup of tea. Or a coffee with a large slab of carrot cake in my case!

GG has a love-hate relationship with photographing birds and wildlife. She loves doing it, but objects to them being camera shy. That was hardly a problem with the many robins of Wakehurst! She 'stalked' this one, by moving towards it in plain sight. (The robin is on the plant label.)


I think she's got some good photos of that bird, but they aren't online yet.

Since then, we've been at home trying to get the house warm enough. I think we've managed now (although the fire seems to have gone out. I may need to fix that). We have some music on, and GG has been reading while I knit. I'm reading too, a book on Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes, but it requires thought and mulling. This is not bad, it just means I'm reading in small(ish) gulps, rather than non-stop. We have some white wine on the go too. Very mellow and... quiet.

With luck, we'll end this year the way we'd like to spend next year. Relaxed, well and happy.

Happy new year to anyone who reads this, wishing you all the best for the future!

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