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A new project

As it's a new year, I figured it's as good a time as any (and perhaps better than some?) to start  a new project. I thought I might try to take some photos of the garden at the start of each month - or as close as I can. I'm not going to kill myself to try and capture the first of the month, I might be away, or may not be home in the light. Today though, I did manage.

I'll start with the back garden.

Living room view

This is the view from the living room through the glass across the lawn. The pots are there because it's been windy and I haven't picked them up yet. I'm meaning to take them to the recycling bit up at Wyevale actually. I'm pretty pleased that there are quite a few different shades and shapes in the garden still, even if there aren't too many flowers. The winter jasmine is the only one out at the moment, on the left against the fence.

Back garden from above, grass and concrete:

Landing view left

Landing view right

The pots on the concrete have more flowers - mostly cyclamen, some violas. The greenhouse has slotted in quite well, and I'm hoping to put a big planter in the space between the greenhouse and the shed. Along with another waterbutt. Can't have too many waterbutts.

On to the front garden. First up, the terraces seen from the living room.

Living room view

The largest plants visible in this are the parsley plants! They've bolted. But I quite like the flowers, so I'm not too upset. I will take them out soon though - I need to replace them with some of the new seedlings I've got. I also have far too much salad burnet. But there you go.

The steps lead up to the veg patch, so here's the view from the spare room:

Playroom view

The single obelisk was an experiment, to see how they will look. I've got three to go in to grow my beans up. They will not blow over (I hope!) and should provide enough support. And I think they'll look ok too. Bonus. I'm planning to move them with the crop rotation. The green sheet is a sheet of horticultural fleece that I put over my broad beans to keep them safe from pigeons. I don't like it - it blows about too much. I am trying to rig something up using the mesh bags our logs came in instead. It probably still won't be pretty, but hopefully will be effective and won't blow so much. I've also only mulched that quarter with compost. I meant to have done all the empty ones by now, but I just haven't got there.

And finally, the upper slope bit:

Bedroom view

You can see the nice new slate quite clearly on this view. I'm thinking I might need to put a fence of some description along the boundary this year. I just want to mark where the neighbours need to mow to, and where I should weed to. It's quite hard to tell right now.

That's the garden at the start of the year. Very bare bones, but I'm quite pleased with the bones I've got!


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