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Some you win...

I got Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook for Christmas, and have been eyeing up various recipes to make. As I may have alluded to before, I find food a little tricky because I need lots but frequently can't be bothered or don't have the right ingredients or get home too late. So we kind of try to work out what we're going to eat each night, then work out our list of stuff to buy. That way we don't have to sit there and go "what do you want" or "are you cooking tonight?" because we know.

(The added challenge is to try make things that can be used as lunch next day as well. Saves a lot of money not buying lunch, and I never get up early enough to make sandwiches...)

So, this week I picked Sarah Raven's jambalaya recipe to make on Sunday. That produced 6-8 portions (we've dished up 7), so we've had lunch twice each from it and one of us has lunch tomorrow too. It used more meat than I would normally put in a single dish, which made it feel pricy, but for that many meals it works out ok. Fortunately we also both liked it! It's a bit more spicy than we sometimes go, but really good flavours. I used my last chilli off the plant too.

Success! Last night though I tried her recipe for orange pasta. Creamy sauce, with lots of orange, a bit of lemon, a touch of brandy and lots of cheese. Not a low fat option, but I thought it sounded scrumptious. Unfortunately, neither of us really liked it. Not quite sure why. I could taste too much brandy and GG isn't too sure about hot oranges. Fortunately on this one I'd underdone the amount of pasta, so there weren't any leftovers! And this receipe can be struck off the list of things we cook.

It's nice to try new things, but I guess you have to expect the odd one that just doesn't work. Tonight? I'm out. Not sure what GG is going to do!

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