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Playing with rubber

Having come up against the holey 'p' word once or twice (or five times even, not that I'm counting) fairly recently, I've developed a rather fine collection of holey inner tubes (Batman). I thought all that rubber must be good for something, so I scratched my head for a while, then searched the interwebs.

The interwebs did not disappoint me. You can get all sorts of stuff made from old inner tubes, including (but not limited to) furniture, belts, shoes and wallets.

Actually, that wallet link gave me an idea. I have three credit-card-shaped swipe cards to get me into work. I now have them in a natty little holder made of inner tube that will hopefully allow me to easily use any of them without needing to fully take them out. Unfortunately, it appears to also be a stealth wallet and resisted all my attempts to photograph it.

Additionally, I decided that to avoid the muddy feet scenario:

Mudguard Fail

I needed to add a mudflap to my mudguards. The rubber (I thought) would be a perfect material to make this from, strengthened by bits of milk carton plastic. And it turned out to be a relatively straightforward (if slightly ugly) job. I sort of used an online tutorial, but didn't really follow it too closely.


The smiley thing is a reflective sticker I had lying around. Figure it can't hurt, even there... I road-tested this today heading down to Rottingdean to do some grocery shopping, and there are a couple of minor problems. The bottom screw is a little long, and causes some extra toe-overlap issues. Not a problem when going full speed, and there were already toe-overlap issues. The whole thing is a little on the light side though, and it flaps in the breeze. Into the chain. Not so as to catch, but it's a little unnerving.

Looking at that tutorial again it looks like I should have attached it to the inside of the mudguard. Fair enough, I'll try that tomorrow. Additionally I may try adding the weights to the bottom too. It's not going to help the looks, but I think it's a bit late to worry about that now...

Bike with mudflap


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