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As your weather eye for Brighton, I can tell you that the previous post did not come true, and the wind (whilst quite bad enough, thank you) was not over 300 mph.

Today the weather was entirely not what they predicted at all, in fact. Rather than being sunny and a howling gale, it was properly raining and a bit breezy. I cycled, because the rain's not a huge problem. I have full waterproofs, carefully honed after years of communting so that now I can come in through torrential downpours and barely get wet at all. (Apart from my head, which dries pretty quickly anyway.)

Good job too. I forgot to check the tides, and it was high. The waves were crashing up and over the undercliff walk, which is exciting. I got hit by 2, which honestly isn't that bad. It was a head-to-toe drench though, so I was particularly impressed that the waterproofs managed admirably. I don't have pictures. For some reason I didn't really want to stop and open my nice dry pannier to find my phone!

I think I'll be bookmarking the tide timetables in future though. It was a bit unnerving. Fingers crossed the ride home will be much less exciting.

I have to admit, my inner tube mudflap was just not working. I have now replaced it with a version made of milk carton instead, which is better. A touch disappointing, but I guess the white plastic matches my white bike a bit better. I've got a new set of full mudguards (without mudflap) waiting at the post office, so hopefully I'll get those fitted this weekend too. I have a feeling it will take a little bit of effort, because I don't think Trek really thought about mudguards when they made the frame, but it's nothing that some zipties can't cope with I'm sure.

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