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Headless chicken

That turned into a properly busy and tiring weekend, with nothing planned! Whoops.

Started on Saturday morning, when I was hoping to get down to the post office in Rottingdean to collect a missed parcel that was the new (full length) mudguards I'd ordered. I really needed to get them Saturday morning so I had a chance to fit them this weekend - although with hindsight it wouldn't have been a bad thing to have missed it! I also like to do food shopping down there if I can, so I had to work out what to buy before i went.

Problem is that the post office shuts at 10 on a Saturday morning, and I wanted a lie in. Which resulted in me having to pelt it out of the house and really push hard down to Rottingdean to try and get to the post office. I got there at probably 10.03 (ish) and the door was locked. Fortunately the really nice man let me have my parcel anyway when he found me outside cursing! Even more fortunately he let me leave the box behind, or I'd never have got it on the bike. As it was I went to the grocers, the bakers and the coop, and made it home for just gone 11.


GG had gone to play hockey by then, but she'd left me the car so I could go do some stuff while she was out. So I had a quick cup of coffee, mulched two of the veg beds with wood ash and compost, then headed back out into the world. Got some seeds, a couple of new plants (blackberry and sage), some seed potatoes, something to grow some of them in, a new waterbutt, some hose, and some other stuff and made it home for 3. I did treat myself to a hotdog in B&Q's carpark. Some might not call that a treat exactly, but I liked it!

Then tried to fit the waterbutt to the greenhouse, with limited success. The hose is the same size as the holes in the gutters on the greenhouse, so it wouldn't fit over them. GG came home as I was swearing about this and trying to get it done before dark, and fortunately she remembered some fittings we had to help. That got one half up and running at least. The system can be improved yet, so I won't post pictures right now.

I wanted to fit it because I don't think I'll get huge amounts of rain off the greenhouse, and Sunday was forecast for lots of rain to test it with. And the forecast was not wrong. It rained all day. Fortunately I had some seeds to sow, so I spent a large amount of time in the greenhouse with the wind-up radio my brother gave me for Christmas.

Dry and warm

I'd forgotten how much I like Radio 2 between 11 and 4.30 on a Sunday. Sad but true. I was disturbed though that Pick of the Pops was doing 1993. That was my youth! How can it be far enough back for Pick of the Pops to cover it?! (And I have to say, the songs in the top 20 were mostly rubbish...)

I was out in the greenhouse (mostly) until around 2.30, 3 ish. Then I tried to fit my mudguards in the kitchen. That's the problem with having no garage - the kitchen has to double as a workshop at this time of year!

Kitchen chaos

It got worse, too. I didn't get the mudguards fitted as quickly as I'd have liked (grrrr... frustration... strong metal things not cutting... grrr...) and I was supposed to be cooking Delia's poor man's cassoulet while GG was out at a cricket meeting, but I misread the recipe. Instead of just taking 2 hours to cook, it takes 3. So I had to do that with the bike still in the kitchen. Less than ideal, if I'm honest, and it wasn't ready until 9.00! Whoops.

I was in a bit of a state by the time GG got home, kicking myself soundly for not finishing things and getting dinner ready early enough, so she took pity and helped me finish everything. The mudguards got fitted, the dinner was tasty, and I slept very well indeed.

I rode in this morning, and the new rear mudguard is great. Full length mudguards really do offer a lot more protection. The front mudguard needs a little adjustment, because it's still rubbing the tyre a little and it needs my mudflap adding - my feet still got covered this morning! Under all the strange handlebars and rear rack my bike is still at heart (or by geometry) a road bike, so there isn't a lot of space for mudguards and they need to be adjusted just so. I also really need to give it some tlc this Spring. Components need stripping down and cleaning/regreasing thoroughly. Poor thing.

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