Friday, October 2, 2009 at 21:58
martian77 in House, commute

A couple of Saturday's ago, we were heading off to a friend's wedding up in Derbyshire. The morning was a bit of a rush, we'd slept in a bit, you know.

And the toilet stopped flushing. Not ideal. Not by a long chalk. It made us slightly late. Not as late as the traffic on the way did, but still. Definitely not the best start to the day. And then (of course) we had to find a plumber. I'm sure everyone is well aware that that is very tricky indeed. We decided to buy an entirely new toilet rather than getting it fixed, so we had to get it delivered and yadda yadda yadda.

Today, nearly 2 weeks later, we have finally got a new, fitted, flushing loo!

New toilet

Tadaaaaaaa!! We are totally unreasonably excited about this. Being without a flushing loo for nearly two weeks, it is amazing! It's a new low-water flush thing. It cost us a bit, but it feels worth it!

I was working it out earlier. Since we moved in 3 and a bit years ago, we have repainted all the rooms apart from the bathroom. We have refloored the kitchen, bathroom and the two spare rooms. We have totally replaced the fire. We have remodelled the garden. I have completed a masters degree, and am on my third job, and my Gorgeous Girlfriend has changed career. It's been quite busy...

In other news, today I worked at home which broke my longest chain ever of cycling to work. I cycled every working day in September. 23 working days in a row, or somewhere around 290 miles. Not bad I reckon. Been some cracking weather. It's just starting to get dark when I head for home now, which means I get all the fabulous skies.


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