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I've just spent one of those days in the garden where it feels like you've worked really hard, but doesn't really look like you've achieved much. So I'm going to list out what I've done, and see if it looks more when I do that!

  • Cleared some space around the pear tree on the upper slope, and planted a load of daffodils and alliums.
  • Planted 5 mossy saxifrage plants around the little seat area at the top of the veg patch. This is part of the revised plan for that 'meadow' area - I'm hoping that these plants will grow together and smother out the grass in front of the seat.
  • Done a tiny bit of weeding right at the bottom of the terraces and planted two or three more daffodils. Really should put some alliums in there too.
  • Swept up some leaves and moved a whole heap of garden stuff that was sitting on the concrete into our leaf bin.
  • Chopped back one of the clematis that grew up the shed, and pulled the nasty plastic pot it was growing in out of the way.
  • Moved the new big wooden planter that looks a bit like a canoe into its place.
  • With GG's help, moved the three bags of compost from the top of the log store out to the back, and filled the canoe-like planter with 1.5 of them.
  • Planted a tiny clematis ('Ernest Markham') into the canoe-like planter, along with (can you guess?) more daffodils and alliums. This still leaves the planter mostly empty, but I couldn't see anything I really wanted to put in it when we went to the garden centre yesterday. This is a shock. I'll have to think about it.
  • Planted 5 Costa coffee cups (primo size) with sweet pea seeds. This is an experiment. My sweet peas tend to be feeble, and I'm wondering if the coffee cups will provide better moisture retention. Plus I tend to get quite a lot of Costa coffee cups and wanted to see if they will rot given enough time. I'm also growing on some basil in some - although GG wants me to move that because basil gets flies. (Anyone know why, or if I'm doing something wrong with it?!)
  • Pricked out 10 little aquilegia seedlings grown from seed harvested from my big plant. Big plant produces blue purple flowers (see photo), but I'll be interested to see what the seedlings do - there are a lot of aquilegias around here! If anyone wants one or two, I've got more seedlings that I could prick out so give me a shout.
  • Chopped back (but not got rid of) my hypericum.
  • Cleared out a lot of nigella seedheads.
  • Cleared out some of the finished pots in the greenhouse.
  • Tidied up the dead foxgloves.

Yep, ok, that definitely looks more like it! That explains why I'm feeling a little tinsy bit tired. Quite satisfying, although there is lots more to do. Next weekend we have to be sociable instead though, so it will just have to wait a bit longer!

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