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It's that time of the month again. Photo time! I had a little trouble with this month because it's not quite light enough first thing, and then I got into the swing of getting ready for work and missed the 1st. Still, got the photos on the 2nd, so not too bad. 

Before I show the photos, I'm feeling that it looks just a smidge, well, scruffy. I know it's Autumn, and things are looking a little past their best, but I also haven't been keeping on top of the jobs so well. Which is not to say they are a chore, but I've been away at the weekends and the light in the evening doesn't really allow me to catch up.

Clearly I'm a little defensive! Maybe I can prepare for this next year and work out what needs to change to make it easier.

Anyhow, back garden from the top down.

upper lawn 10/2009

The bit behind the birdtable is looking pretty good still. Right now the aster is just coming into flower (I need to move it further back in the bed, but anyway for now it looks lovely), the rudbeckia is just going over, the verbena is still up and adding higher colour. The sedum through the greengage tree is looking lovely, and it goes actually rather well with the final flush of the rose around the bird table.

lower lawn 10/2009

On the other hand, my raspberries have flopped over again and are making it (in combination with the many large spiders) difficult to impossible to get to the compost bin. The bindweed has got out of hand and needs me to dig it out. There's lots of weeds needing pulling out of the new bit. The lawn needs mowing, and we need to start raking up the leaves.

concrete 10/2009

The concrete still desperately needs tidying, and the pots haven't been watered enough, and neither have the contents of the greenhouse. It's better this year, but I've not made it quite easy enough yet. No point kicking myself, I need to just work out how to make it simple and easy so it is not a chore and I do it more quickly and therefore more frequently.

veg 10/2009

The veg bed is a little unproductive right now. I've got the leeks out there, they need water. The maincrop potatoes are really too large and I shouldn't have let them grow. The brocolli is doing well, but needs me to double-check the caterpillers have gone and to put up a mesh to stop the pigeons. The peas and mange tout desperately need removing. And I need to finish strimming the upper slope around the apples.

terraces 10/2009

The lighting in this one is a little odd. Not sure why. The terraces are still looking pretty overblown. I think I need to move some of the salad burnett out - there's more than I'll ever use. The rudbeckia has been nice. I need to feed it a bit more and see if i get more flowers next year. The chard is starting to come into its own, which is great for our winter cooking! The tomatoes are very nearly over and probably need pulling up. It is October after all!

Upper slope 10/2009

The upper slope section has a lot of flowers out at the momnt - monkshood, aster, helenium and galliardia, at the very least. But there's still room for improvement - the soil is still visible a lot, there are quite a few weeds that need pulling out. Still, it is giving me pleasure to look at, and that is the point after all!

path 10/2009

Finally across the path. Some of that black plastic really could come off soon I think. Not all of it though - I need to make sure I've killed off the weeds properly! I want to put some bulbs under some of it though, and they need planting soon (like this weekend soon) so I may have to compromise and regret it later...

So, that's the October view. Better than last year (not that I have the photos to prove it), not as good as it could be. And on that note, I need to get out there and do something about it!

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