The dark side
Saturday, October 31, 2009 at 10:58
martian77 in Geek

I've had an expensive week. It was payday, and I've been eyeing up a new laptop so I can play with geek stuff while sitting in front of the fire rather than hiding in the study upstairs. 

Problem was, the ones I was looking at were coming with Vista. Windows 7 is not settled enough for me to want it yet, plus initial reviews suggest it's quite like a copy of the Mac OS. I've never seriously looked at Macs, not since I used one in my gap year and hated it. But that is *ahem* 13 years ago. And I recently bought an iPod touch that I have been extremely pleased with. It's just so well thought out compared to my LG touch screen phone. 

So yeah, after a traumatic morning of meetings I nipped out for coffee. And accidentally wandered past the coffee shop, through Churchill Square (forgot it was half term, had to fight through the kids), and into the Apple shop. I somewhat startled the shop assistant when he asked if he could help, and walked out 5 minutes later with a 15" MacBook Pro. Then I got coffee.

Expensive. But so shiny. I'm already getting to grips with some of the differences, I love the screen, and I'm going to spend this morning sorting out the PHP and Apache that apparently comes with OS X. 

It seems I have fallen. The dark side has claimed me. They have better cookies...

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