Out of focus
Tuesday, November 10, 2009 at 12:47
martian77 in General

Every time I get fed up with things at a job, I start thinking about PhDs. 

I calculate that out of the last 8 years of working (is that really all?!), this means I've been thinking about doing a PhD for around 6.5, maybe 7 years. Even while I was doing that Masters at Sussex, I was pondering how to get out of the job side of it. You would have thought that would have made me concentrate harder on the Masters, and therein lies the problem. 

I am lacking in focus. There are too many exciting and interesting things to be looking at, how do I restrict myself to just one? And it's really hard to plant beans whilst writing code, or cook stock while reading about Le Corbusier, or knit whilst going for a run. Push comes to shove, I would really like to spend most evenings in Winter knitting in front of the fire, and in Summer reading in the garden. 

I also have only the broadest concept of what I would like to do a PhD in, and really I need to work that out before I can really get any further.  And that probably means reading academic papers and so on. Knitting and reading I can sort of do (although taking notes is a whole other issue!), so maybe, just maybe that should be my starting point. 

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