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When we got our new toilet fitted (still loving the new loo) the plumber suggested that our boiler was a little on the old side, and if we replaced it with a combi we'd get lots of space back. 

So we thought about it. And investigated it. Or, well, I did. GG wasn't overly keen on the mess or expense. But the more I looked into it, the better I thought it sounded. See, we don't know how old our boiler is, only that it looks pretty old. And it's hanging in a slightly... ummm... dubious manner on the kitchen wall. In our bedroom we have a socking big airing cupboard with the hot water tank in it, and that would be brilliant to use as a cupboard instead. And in the loft there are several stray pipes, supported by paint cans, that it would be great to tidy up. 

So, I got a quote. And it turns out, we could get a shiny new boiler, and put it up in the loft where the big tank and the stray pipes are now. The vent (which currently makes the concrete area smell of gas) could go straight out of the roof. We'd save money on heating water (particularly noticeable in summer), save on heating the house (the new boiler is apparently something ridiculous like 97% efficient), potentially save on water (we have a power shower, which would need to be changed for a normal one), as well as reclaiming lots of space in the kitchen and bedroom. And the boiler comes with a 5 year warranty. 

Well, it sounded too good to pass up on. I talked GG into it and organised the plumber to come. Today. 

Now I'm nervous. What if it goes wrong? What if the plumber (who isn't the one who originally suggested it - he wasn't certified to fit gas appliances) is actually a cowboy? We'll be without heating and hot water in November. 

Still, they arrived when they said they would, and seem to be getting on with the job without too much swearing, which I'm taking to be a good sign. They were even hoping to get it finished in two days instead of three, because it's apparently a nice straightforward job. 

Me, I'm trying to work, with headphones in, and hoping it is.

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