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Green sludge

First up, the boiler change has gone about as smoothly as could be expected. That is, the boiler change went pretty well and quickly, but the shower change that needed to done at the same time hasn't gone quite as well. The plumber is having to come back tomorrow (yes, Sunday) to finish it and mend the hole he accidentally put in our bedroom ceiling (I hope, or I will be deeply unpopular). The shower will be absolutely lovely once it's finished properly. It's pretty good even now, but it's not on the wall yet.

Today though, I made green sludge. I bought a basil plant from a supermarket a while ago, split it out and have been growing it on the windowledge in the living room.

Pre-chop basil

It has grown quite a lot, so I chopped it. 

Post-chop basil

I've left some leaf on, seeing if they will come back and I can get more off them. We'll see. The Costa coffee cups have worked really well, it's nice to be able to water without worrying about it leaking out the bottom. They also coordinate surprisingly well with the decor! 

Basil leaves

They yielded a good bowlful of leaves, or around 38g according to my scales. That's not bad at all, about as much as I managed with my nasturtium leaves the last time I made pesto. I'm using the recipe for garden pesto from Pam Corbin's River Cottage preserving book. 

The nasturtium pesto I made I froze, in an ice cube tray. It's worked really well, one ice cube is around 2 teaspoons of pesto, and each block is a good size portion for a single bowl of pasta. So I've done the same thing with the basil pesto. 

Green sludge

That's 10 quick and easy meals, right there. The 11th portion was still in the bowl, so I added pasta for lunch. It is good. Oh yes. 

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