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I've been off work with another cold. Typical, first three good days for cycling in about a month, and I can't breathe. Ho hum. 

In fact, the last two days I've been sitting very, very still. First day I didn't even feel like knitting. It was serious. Well, for a cold. You know. 

So I've been spending quite a lot of time staring out of the window. Now, there are not a lot of flowers out there at the moment, and there's a lot that needs tidying up, but I don't care. The redeeming feature of the garden in winter is that the birds come back! (I don't think that it's just that I increase the food out there...)

The two really big trees out back mean that the birds visit a lot, and as I'm increasing the amount of bigger plants in our garden they are getting happier to come closer. This morning I've seen blue tits, starlings, pigeons, and I think I saw a wren. I've just watched a robin chase off a chaffinch. I love watching the pigeons trying to get on the bird table - they can, but they have to judge it just right. They quite often abort the first attempt, and try and style it like they meant to. The blue tits zoom in, sit on the raspberry canes or the whippy rose stems, then do a fly-by on the food and they are off. The starlings double-team the fatballs, so one sits on it and eats really messily, and the other one sits underneath and gets the bits that fly off. 

Last winter there was a sparrow that ventured out back too - the robin got a bit stroppy about that. And there are frequently blackbirds working the lawn. We get a lot of seagulls - they are massive! And doves. In the evenings we get our own mini display from the starlings around the tree. I got really excited when a thrush visited too, but it seems to have just been passing through. Shame, we have more than enough snails to keep an entire family of thrushes happy!

Much better than Cash in the Attic, anyway...

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