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Musical Outings

We've been to two (yes, 2) live gigs! Almost unheard of.

First one was back in late October, and I can't believe I missed blogging about it closer to the event because it was brilliant. We went to see the Indigo Girls at the Concorde2. Last time we saw the Indigo Girls we had to go up to the Shepherd's Bush Empire, so it was so exciting to see them just down the road from us. Not to mention that the venue is really small compared to Shepherd's Bush, so it was definitely going to be more intimate. A friend of ours was on half term (teacher, not student!) so she came down and we dragged her along too.

Apparently they nearly cancelled the gig because Emily Saliers had a really bad cold and could barely sing. I'm so glad they didn't. It meant they did do more of Amy's songs than perhaps is normal, but everyone just sang along with Emily's songs and carried her through it I think. Even with one of them mostly sick they still rocked. And seeing them in a small space was brilliant, as expected.

Next one we went to was Kate Rusby, who was back at the Brighton Dome. Last year she only made it as far south as Crawley. She had the brass band with her this time, as well as a small band. She was mostly doing Christmas carols, but not many of them were as you'd know them. Apparently they sing carols in pubs in South Yorkshire, and each pub has their own variations. It was lovely. GG is now on a mission to get a selection of brass music on her ipod, along with a selection of Christmas songs!

It was also Kate's birthday, and in addition to a spontaneous rendition of happy birthday just after the interval, her partner had also organised a cake and a second version, and their new baby came on stage to join them (accompanied by Kate's Mum, who is apparently the tour babysitter). So that was good. And Kate played a track on her own too, which she doesn't often do. Sometimes you wonder how good the singer really is with that guitar they occasionally play, but turns out she's pretty good! (As if I ever doubted...) I should also point out that my ticket to this gig was my Christmas present from my Gorgeous Girlfriend - a little early perhaps, but well worth it. 

So yeah! Two great live music events. Love it. Every time we get to a gig, I want to go to more. Unfortunately, a surprisingly large number of the musicians I'd like to see are still doing the coffee shop circuit in the US, and aren't making it over to this side of the pond yet. I should really work on finding some UK musicians to listen to!

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