Kind of cold
Friday, December 18, 2009 at 12:08
martian77 in General, commute

It is unusually cold for December. Which sounds odd, but it doesn't normally get really cold until around February. But we have snow!

Chilly starling

Normally if we get snow in December it's about a centimetre, and it's melted by 8am. Not so much today. 


Those are our steps this morning. We're staying put I think. There are no buses, and I fell off my bike yesterday on ice so I don't really feel like trying again today. I'm going to put the knobbly tyres back on my mountain bike and get that ready for Monday. The ice patch was on the bike path and totally invisible. I wasn't turning, but my wheels went from under me and I hit the ground on my right side and skidded along for a bit. Glad of my helmet: my head hit the deck pretty hard. Today it feels like I have whiplash. And it is exactly that kind of accident I wear a helmet for - no one else involved, but if I hadn't been wearing it I'd have been concussed today (at least) for sure. As it happens, I'm a little stiff, I have a slight graze to one knee, a couple of holes in clothes that can be patched, and that's about it. 

Which is good, because I had some very important work to do today:

Feed the birds

Well. Who else is going to feed them? 

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